Microbiology Offerings

Microbiological test method development, method validation and method verifications services are offered for below mentioned tests

  • Microbial limit test MLT
  • Sterility test – Closed method / Open method
  • Bacterial endotoxin test (BET)
  • Antibiotic assay – Cylinder method
  • Preservative efficacy test
  • Water analysis (TAMC and Pathogen analysis)
  • BCC test (Burkholderia cepacia complex)
  • Microbial monitoring for utilities (water system and clean rooms)
  • Disinfectant Validations (efficacy study with different surface coupons and hold study for different type of disinfectants)
  • Non routine validations/studies (Endotoxin recovery studies and
  • Microbial recovery studies
    • Microbial kill rate study
    • Product Release testing
    • Stability sample testing